A Week in Review: 1/5/2020-1/11/2020

Sharing some of what I have been reading this week:

US-Iran tensions: Timeline of events leading to Soleimani killing” (2020), at Aljazeera.

Iran profile – Timeline” (2020), at BBC News.

Did MBTS president lobby state to accept more refugees?” (2020), at Capstone Report.

History: A Student’s Guide (2016), by Nathan A. Finn.

Psychology: A Student’s Guide (2014), by Stanton L. Jones.

The Institute: A Novel (2019), by Stephen King.

A Preview of My New Book: The 10 Commandments of Progressive Christianity” (2020), by Michael J. Kruger at Canon Fodder.

Pathway editor: Capstone report that MBTS’s Allen lobbied state government is ‘fake news’” (2020), at The Pathway.

Guest Post: Open Letter to Julie Roys” (2020), by Paul Lundquist at Julie Roys.

Philosophy: A Student’s Guide (2012), by David K. Naugle.

Tears From Ayatollah as Iran Mourns Dead General: Live Updates” (2020), at the New York Times.

A Secular Age (2007), by Charles Taylor.

Timeline: How tensions escalated with Iran since Trump withdrew US from nuclear deal” (2020), at USA Today.

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Let me know what you have been reading this week in the comments below!

* – Updated 1/10/2020.

** – The materials listed above represent diverse views on a variety of topics and are not necessarily the views of E. Thomas Anderson.

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